Glasses Ordering Process

The chart above shows what process your glasses go through from beginning to end!



After your exam with your Doctor they will take you over to see one of our Opticians and they will help you pick out your frames and lenses! We have various different types of frames to choose from. We have Kate Spade, Nike, Oakley, Calvin Klein, and many more! When it comes to your lenses you will have quite a few choices whether you have a single vision lens, or a bifocal or trifocal lens! You will have different types of transitions, reflective coating, blue light protection, and more to choose from! 


After you are finished picking out your glasses you optician will take your glasses to our Ordering Coordinator, and she will order your lenses! In some cases we will have your lenses in stock, but in most cases we will have to order them. All lenses are ordered the same day that you pick them out! 

3. WAIT:

This is the hardest part! After we order the lenses, it takes them about 7-10 business days to get to us! There are some cases (typically around the beginning of school, and around Christmas time) that our manufacturers will get a little backed up and they might take a few extra days, we will always tell you if that is the case. 


After we receive your lenses our lab tech will cut your lenses to fit your new frames and we will notify you that they are ready to pick up! Once you come to pick up your glasses we will make any adjustments necessary to make them fit you perfectly! 

If you ever need any adjustment on your glasses (if they are falling off, if your screws fall out, or get broken etc.) bring them in and let us help you! 

Feel free to call if you have any questions -479-524-5161 (Siloam Springs Office) 479-323-7005 (Gravette Office)

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