How to wake up tired eyes


1. Splash your eye with warm/cold water 

In the morning when you wake up (or whenever your eyes are starting to feel like you need a little bit of a wake up) just splash some warm water on your closed eyes a few times and then switch to cooler water. The switch between warm and cool will help bring blood flow back to your face and will help you wake up and feel more refreshed! 

2. Blink 

Another thing that you can do to help wake yourself up is blink more often. Try to train yourself to blink once every four seconds to prevent your eyes from becoming dry and feeling even more tired. I know that blinking sounds pretty obvious, but when you are looking at digital devices (like a computers, phones etc.) you tend to blink about 1/3 less often than you normally do! 

3. Get up & Stretch 

If you are sitting and staring at your computer for long periods of time, not only can you get a stiff and sore neck, but it can cause your eyes to become tired as well. But getting up and stretching a little bit it can help blood flow and can increase oxygen levels and help wake you up. Think of it like getting up in the morning, when you get up and start moving around you start feeling more awake! The same things apply in this situation! 

4. Make sure your prescription is correct 

If you do not have the correct prescription in your glasses your eyes will be straining to keep up, which makes your eyes tried more quickly. Contact us to make to get an appointment to make sure your eyes aren't working overtime! 

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