Fireworks & Eye Safety


We all LOVE the 4th of July and it is rapidly approaching! As fun as fireworks are they can be extremely dangerous! Keep reading for some safety tips! 

#1 be a safe distance away

  • Always be a safe distance away from fireworks. If fireworks are being lit, there is always going to be a possibility that something could go wrong. Don't forget - Fireworks are explosives. 

#2 always wear protective eye wear

  • Another great way to protect your eyes if you are lighting fireworks is wearing eye protection. Even if you or your children are just lighting sparklers!

#3 be aware what kind of firework you are lighting 

  • Something as simple as knowing what type of firework you are lighting is a simple away to help you and your family stay safe! Read the labels for safety instructions and they will tell you how far you need to stand away from them when they go off.

#4 what to do in an emergency 

  • If an accident does happen, go straight to the emergency room. The most important thing is that you get medical attention quickly. The sooner that you can get seen by a medical professional the more likely recovery is. 


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