Why is it important to make an appointment for your child

1. Schedule your child's first eye exam from 6-12 months

        Many people are shocked to find out that you should schedule your child's first eye exam from 6-12 months. Up until about 6 month old a child's vision is constantly changing! When they hit 6 months their vision sharpens and they should have their first exam to make sure that everything is developing normally and that the eyes are working well together.  

        2. Get a Pre-Kindergarten exam

          Around 3-4 years old the eyes should then be pretty much done developing and a pre-kindergarten eye exam should be conducted.

          3. Schedule a yearly eye exam

            After that children should be in yearly for their annual eye exam. School vision screenings are different than eye exams. Even if a child passes their visual screening that doesn't mean that they don't need an eye exam, Early detection is the key to most eye issues so don't wait until your child is squinting or saying that they can't read the board until you get them an exam!

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